About me

Who I am?

Well, I would like to know that sometimes, too
Normally, I am a working mother twice and since 2014 even a grandmother who lives with her clan in the middle of the Ruhr area. In my (very sparse) free time, I indulge my great passion: photography and virtual handicrafts. I love dragons and love fantasy through and through (quote from my mother: "You come from another planet anyway"). In action films, where muscle-packed men with firm butts protect the good and save the world at the same time, I'm immediately involved
A wonderful man who bravely endures me and my quirks is also part of my inner circle.


My virtual career

I took my first steps in virtual handicrafts with PI 12 under the name GOLIATH in 2008 and designed my first Wbb styles a little later. These had to be presented somewhere, and so the style corner was launched, my first own forum. My knowledge of handicrafts became more and more extensive, and so it was not just about designing style.

On February 2nd, 2010 I founded GOLI'S WELT, the community for Photoshop and more.

In addition to everything else I do, I look after some boards in the graphics and administration area, I am a board graphic designer at the mother of all hack forums and the name Goliath has become my trademark. especially since WoltLab has completely stopped the sales and support of the previous versions of the Wbb4. Real GW styles are only available in Goli's Welt and in the HopFenSchlodel®!

My materials

My tubes, scrap kits and other materials I have made for virtual handicrafts are all free of charge, but only available in the forum.