On October 21, 2012, Euphelia took our hearts by storm heart.gif

Euphelia 20211101_133114.jpg

She is our little princess and moved in with us from the Albert Schweitzer animal shelter in Essenkicher.gif

She originally came from a Messi-household where one of her eyes was seriously ill, but

nobody had taken care of it ... at the animal shelter she had to remove the bad eye ...



She is not a hideout in a cave, is very shy and only lets herself be

caress when she is relaxed next to you.

We don't want to know what the little girl is in her young one

age already had to experience everything ..

Now she lives with us in a cat paradise zwinker.gif



... and we look forward to every moment we can spend with her!

Euphelia ~ we call her Feli ~ is an Instagram cat,

to find under insta-icon-S.png euphelias_welt