Goli's World

From a simple style forum to a strong community

In 2010 Goli's world was born and immediately sent out into the big, digital world. In order to survive in the big WWW, the forum first had to learn to run, which was not that easy. There were many negative voices who were not stingy with criticism and believed they had to know better and that GW could not expect a long lifespan in order to gain a foothold in the digital world. However, the globetrotters were fighters by nature from the start and did not let that deter them. Of course there were also stumbling blocks, but they never fell so deep that they couldn't get up again, on the contrary, based on the motto: Now more than ever, there is no such thing as giving up!

The forum outfits were all sewn by ourselves and were a real eye-catcher, so it was a relief to be in the forum even for weak eyes. Throughout the years, GW has been fed information, ideas and lots of love so that it can grow without worry. Every now and then there was a complete overhaul and despite the steady growth, the forum had never become so immense that you lost track of it, but always remained clear. Goli's world has been online since 2010 and even if it is far from mature, it has become an integral part of the wide digital world.


  • For the 2nd birthday of the forum, GW moved from Wbb2.3.x to the Wbb3 forum software
  • A PI school was opened for the 3rd forum birthday and the GW dragons moved in!
  • I set up a PS school for the 4th forum birthday
  • On the 5th birthday of the forum, a scrap course and a shadow school for PI came into the forum
  • The PI path course has been online since July 2015
  • We have been using Gabjele Mast's shadow workshop for Photoshop with kind permission since August 2015
  • For the 6th birthday of the Forum in February 2016, a PS animation course penned by SYT was launched! The completely revised PS path course is also open again!
  • For the 7th birthday of the forum, a virtual fun currency was introduced and a GW-specific Easter calendar was coded!
  • For the 8th birthday there was a huge handicraft party with chat in the forums own party room!
  • For the 9th birthday there was a handicraft slumber party!
  • For our 10th birthday we took a trip through the past few years!
  • On the 11th birthday, the globetrotters traveled in different vehicles!
  • We have been offering quizzes on various occasions since the 12th birthday!