Pixel art is a style in computer art that uses raster graphics and consciously emphasizes the limited resolution of screens as a stylistic device. She refers to the beginnings of screen graphics in video and computer games as well as the graphic user interfaces of computers in the 1980s and early 1990s.

These little pictures have always fascinated me, but so far I haven't thought of making such pretty graphics myself, because I'm absolutely not a digital painter - believe me, I had really tried, but I don't get along well with painting kicher.gif

In November 2020 I came across a forum through a co-user whose topic is Pixelpaintig.

The forum was very appealing to me, but I was cautious about pixels, because -as already mentioned- painting and I don't understand each other well ...

But I was pleasantly surprised: Pixelpaintig has nothing in common with other virtual painting, because you don't "paint" free-hand, but point by point / pixel by pixel and great works are created in this way!

I was hooked and now I am learning pixel painting "from scratch" with the girls in the PixelFun forum!